Quality: Systems and Approvals

Our strict quality policy has 3 tiers: Quality Plan, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Our quality management system is built on the basis of ISO 9001 policies and has been customized and improved to best suit our products. Regular ISO and SSQA (Standardize Supplier Quality Assurance) audits validate the integrity of this system. Internal Process and Customer audits have confirmed KSM position as a CERTIFIED supplier in the markets we serve.

Product design and performance validation is confirmed by full cycle and periodic performance testing. KSM maintains two [2] Test Lab areas staffed by KSM Reliability Engineers. The standard lab contains banks of Cycle Test Equipment for Internal and External Vacuum Testing to match customer performance specifications. A special high ceiling lab contains special and very large test equipment for unique applications that include special pressures, temperatures and motions.

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Receiving Inspection
All incoming raw materials are certified to the appropriate ASTM, DIN or AMS standards.  KSM utilizes Approved Vendors to insure that Quality Systems and Standard are flowed down and in compliance.

In-process Inspection
Manufacturing Quality Sheets [MQS] are generated for each process step covering tooling, fixtures and methods plus in-process quality checks.  Work Centers have operator touch screens that insure the latest revisions are viewed in real-time on the floor along with job tracking for order status.

PQP [Frozen Process] methods are established on approved parts to insure uniformity of on-going production. Poka-Yoke tools help to fool-proof assembly while SPC analysis keeps processes centered and on track.

Final Inspection
100% of all Bellows and Welded Assemblies receive MST Leak Check before shipment. Exterior cosmetics, critical feature verification, part marking & serialization plus any special performance or burn-in tests are performed a part of Final Inspection.

Final Inspections Steps (Typical)
Final Inspections  Steps (Typical)

KSM Product Reliability

Closed Loop System Quality & Reliability
Closed Loop System Quality & Reliability

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Diversified Product Test Capability for Special Applications

KSM has special test equipment to validate cycle life with unique sizes, temperatures and motions.


  • ISO 9001:2007 Quality Management System


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